Dmitry Astrakhan talked about “love without rules”

Дмитрий Астрахан рассказал о «любви без правил»
In hire leaves a new film of the famous Director.

10 November in the Russian rolling out the new film by Dmitri Astrakhan —
“Love without rules”. Screenwriter of the film was made by Oleg Danilov, working with
the Director of the last 30 years and wrote the scripts of his films “You have me
one”, “All is well”, “little Children”.

The film will deal with the cinema company “Karo hire”.

In the story, in the city of Zarechensk wife often denied husbands. When
the problem covered and the mayor, Sergey Nikolayevich began to suffer and started
act. With a relative’s wife, a local oligarch, they decide
to convert built across the river resort in
“Wellness centre”. What businessman invites from the capital
specially trained “medical personnel.” And now to the other side of the river
the boat is moored with a pretty, young and very
professional “nurses” and “nurses”. Armed with binoculars
zarechenskiy wife meticulously examine rivals. And that the same men? Wearing
ceremonial suits and ties, they sit in the boat and in a few minutes
be on the other side, among the young, beautiful, flexible and not
bitchy girls. Other rules or on the contrary, love without rules?

“It’s a very specific story. About love, — says Dmitry Astrakhan. —
As the men were running a brothel and blackmailing wives. And women are trying to manage
men with the master of his destiny. This story is about
the relationship between the sexes: men are idiots trying to escape, and women
enjoy men and all their material possibilities. And men don’t even
understand what use them. As in all of life.

“At the site of Astrakhan the Director is very strict, — told the artist
the main role of Viktor Vasiliev. But it is well done, his energy can
envy. And he does everything himself on the Playground, and make-up himself and straightens his suit and
chairs he moves and remembers everything, watches everything. I love it
movies, I like to review them. And there is a feeling that it’s not a movie, and scenes from
life, some piece. Moreover, everyone has the feeling that this is the history of
your life. And the heroes you all know and they live next door. During the filming it was very interesting.
When I wasn’t performing, I was watching how they shoot, how they behave all the rest
listen to what he says, watching as I put the light sound. And looked in
the camera constantly!”

Official trailer of the film “Love without rules” here.