Дмитрий Хворостовский рассказал, как борется со стрессом

Opera singer Dmitri Hvorostovsky was another guest at the song contest “New wave”, where he performed in a classical evening of Igor Krutoy: baritone sang a few songs — along with Sumi Jo, the children’s choir and solo.

Of course, the fabulous performance of Hvorostovsky did not take place without rehearsal, where Dmitry has charmed all who had the opportunity to watch it. Attention a little numerical spectators were attracted not so much the voice of the artist (then as always at the highest level), how much appearance 53-year-old man.

Dmitry looked just gorgeous – a young, cheerful, cool, stylish.

For rehearsal Hvorostovsky decided to wear a t-shirt, which “issued” the results of the work of Dmitry over the figure (like inflated hands, “cubes” press), and the baritone did not hesitate to wear fashionable among youth jeans “skinny”.

By the way, Dmitri Hvorostovsky dubbed the sex symbol of the “New wave”, so his efforts in the gym have been fully justified.

In conversation with journalists Dmitry admitted that he’s a mod. Occupation shopping, it can be seen even more frequently than sports: “I now Have other preferences — I now do a lot yourself, relax, listen to music. And where I can meet? Shopping because it relieves stress”.