Развод с Анджелиной Джоли помирил Брэда Питта с Джорджем Клуни
Pitt made a difficult journey to see the twins.

Brad Pitt


As it became known, brad pitt this week will be awarded
honored to see the newly born twins of George Clooney and his wife Amal. It
got the opportunity because the last week spent at a music festival
in Glastonbury where, as previously reported, he managed to flirt with Sienna Miller. And
when the festival ended, pitt decided that he just can’t fly home in
America, not having visited his old friend, Clooney, who recently lives
in Britain. And for this ability he had to make a trip to
the helicopter in Oxfordshire, where he settled Clooney family.

Pitt was extremely pleased with my visit.
First, he was absolutely fascinated by the young Ella and Alexander. And
secondly, the visit was yet another confirmation of the recovery of his friendship with

Brad and George have long been the best friends
until then, until the fall of 2014, Clooney is not married. After that pitt and Clooney have practically ceased to see each other.
The fact that Amal and Angelina Jolie didn’t get along. Each of them
used to be the center of attention, and was not going to accept that it someone
outshines. So Angelina is not only flatly refused to communicate with
a married couple Clooney, but objected to the visits of the brad into the house of his friend.

And only since last fall, when Jolie announced
of his intention to divorce with brad, friends began to slowly recover
interrupted at the time of contact. According to friends, pitt, George had
friend in a difficult time, support that was brad needed. And
now pitt has received in response to help George with Valuable tips. After all
before meeting Amal and the birth of twins, Clooney was an avid childless
bachelor. And Brett has considerable experience in the upbringing of six children, and he
ready to share advice on this part.