«Другой человек!» Сергей Жуков продолжает стремительно худеть
The singer shared the secret of the Transfiguration.

Sergei Zhukov

Photo: @Instagram sezhukov Sergei Zhukov

Sergei Zhukov has tried many times to lose weight, but every time it ended, he was left to sit on diets and was back again in shape. But this time the singer seems ready to go to the end. Thanks to the struggle with excess weight, Sergei transformed that fans ceased to recognize him. Some of them believe that Zhukov “photoshop” pictures to the Network — so strongly it has changed for the last time.

Sergey frankly admits: no photoshop on his pictures no! “Many have begun to doubt my airbrushed photos! To be honest, I feel great! Everything seen on the photo! Everyone who wants to achieve tangible results, I recommend this summer to move more, to eat less and to catch the positive in everything!” — advised beetles.

To lose weight artist began after he learned about the onset of health problems. The contractor realized that he didn’t want to tie my life with a constant treatment. Some time ago he has told that intends to achieve even more impressive results. The main impetus for the soloist of group “Hands Up” — his wife Regina. She, by the way, is engaged in the confectionery business: she already has a cafe that sells delicious pastries.