Divorce of Olga Buzova: how was this “perfect marriage”

Развод Ольги Бузовой: каким на самом деле был этот «идеальный брак» In a difficult period of life of the presenter is trying to protect her family. Father of Olga Buzova wants to manhandle with Tarasov, and the grandmother of the star asks her not to divide the property with the player. Relatives of celebrities are sure the best it yet to come.

      Развод Ольги Бузовой: каким на самом деле был этот «идеальный брак»

      The collapse of the “tarabuco” which happened literally “live” in front of the whole country, very few people leave indifferent. Even at social events, discussing the pleadings of Philip Kirkorov and Didier Marouani, Khakass meteorite and the arrival of Christina Aguilera, stars in your ear ask each other: “Well, what have Buzovoy?” And there – every day new: a private video flirting with Dmitry Nagiyev, a secret correspondence with her mother in law…

      Olga Buzova tries to reconcile with her husband through the mother-in-law

      29 Nov leading “House-2” set point and filed for divorce c footballer Dmitry Tarasov. On December 30, appointed the official procedure of divorce. “StarHit” find out what really was their Union and that has always remained behind the scenes perfect love story.

      Leave him!

      Olga’s relatives have long noticed that Tarasov is not always behaves like it should be a loving husband.

      “Granddaughter kind, gentle, vulnerable – says “StarHit” grandma star Tamara Buzova. Another wedding I went to Dima and asked: “Just don’t hurt her. My husband and I have lived together for 51 years, and I wish you the same for a long family happiness!” But, apparently, not destiny. Husband is absolutely not interested by Olina work, could not find appropriate words when something did not work, and she was so right. Olga, on the contrary, all itself, were devoted to him. When Tarasov was injured, were ready with him to go anywhere for treatment, to undo, just to be there. Said: “Dima is good with me.” The granddaughter told me that Dima asked the children, this topic is raised. But Olga wanted to have a career. I was advised to stop, build a house, have a baby, and then continue to go up the career ladder. But she was not ready for children.”
      Развод Ольги Бузовой: каким на самом деле был этот «идеальный брак»

      Relatives, of course, Buzova support during the difficult period of divorce. Especially for your beloved daughter going through the father.

      “Igor is eager to leave St. Petersburg to Moscow – continues Tamara. – Wants to see Dima in the eye, afraid that with his fists pounce on him. Therefore, Olga asks him not to interfere. November 26, Igor had a birthday – she sent flowers, candy – sama because of work are unable to be. Lately the granddaughter withdrew into himself, became less likely to call. Promised that everything will return to normal as soon as you affix your signature in the application for divorce.”

      Tarasov announced his version of the cause of the break with Buzova

      As for the carve-up of assets acquired during marriage, then there is Tamara advises Olga not to dwell. “They say: “Leave him! You make yourself another!” – says the grandmother of Kim. – She’s done all she has achieved. Dima Mercantile was not expected… Gave gifts, and now takes them. Even his mother to this story hooked”.

      Female solidarity

      Friends of TV presenter and athlete is also not left out from their family drama.

      “Surrounded by Olga and Dima literally split into two camps – says “StarHit” Julia, a friend Buzova. Especially it hurt the families of the players. Because girls naturally took her side, sympathize with, and men to protect Tarasova, considering that he’s right. It touched Mary and Paul Pogrebnyakov, Alexander and Yulia Samadovich. Many home discussing the behavior of the main characters of the story, literally came to scandal. Therefore, the same Pogrebnyakov divorce Dima and Olya is now in the list of banned topics – from a sin far away”.

      Развод Ольги Бузовой: каким на самом деле был этот «идеальный брак»

      Family quarrels “Tarabrikov” has happened, but usually stayed behind the scenes.

      “Somehow became a witness of their household conversation when you stopped by during the filming of “House-2”, – shares with “StarHit” the showman Rustam Solntsev. – Dima came for the wife to take her to the event. Olga, of course, suggests the beauty, long time picking up jewelry to the dress. Dima at some point broke down and began shouting at her to hurry. And all this with friends and acquaintances. Ola even then had to apologize for the behavior of her husband.”

      This is not the first case when Tarasov offended spouse.

      “He always something that says “StarHit” Andrew, friend Buzova. Some unwashed dishes in the sink, things are scattered. It is clear that both busy people, from morning till night – one filming, the other on the football field. But Dima sometimes literally lost his temper, had made a scandal out of the blue, despite the fact that he saw how tired came wife.”

      Sometimes Tarasov, focused on the training, forget about the family, so important to Olga. “They had decided to celebrate a different anniversary, – says the “StarHit” friend “Tarabrikov” Light. For Buzova it was an occasion to exchange elaborate gifts, to spend a romantic evening… Once on a holiday she couldn’t get through to her son. It turns out that after training he decided to go to his friend, forgetting that the house wife is waiting for. Olga was upset. Tarasov, of course, rushed – but on the way managed to buy only flowers. And such cases were so many that all do not remember.”