Disney снимет три фильма о Хане Соло вместо одного

A spin-off of Star wars, namely the story of their character Han Solo will not be able to fit into one movie, but because Disney decided to devote from the trilogy.

According to the publication New York Daily News, citing a reliable source, all three movies will play a major role Adcn Ehrenreich.
“The character of Han Solo has a huge potential. We won’t tie his early adventures to the Empire, planning to open up other storylines and introduce new characters” — said a source involved in the filming, and added that the 26-year-old Ehrenreich already agreed to participate in the three tapes, although officially the company has said only a single tape.
The working title of the first film of the franchise – Han Solo. Star wars: Stories.and its premiere is scheduled for may 2018. Will there be a sequel, the producers will understand, counting to arrive from the first picture.

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