Disney снимет ремейк «Геркулеса». На роль Аида претендуют два британца

The wave of remakes from the film company “Disney” increasingly covers the world of show business. In addition to films about princesses, the producers took over the film adaptation of the 1997 cartoon “Hercules”.

The success of previous remakes of “classic” animated films “Disney” makes the Corporation not to stop and reshoot more and more of their cartoons and movies. Thus, the success got the remakes of “beauty and the beast,” “Aladdin,” “the jungle Book”, “Maleficent” (the second part of which will soon appear on the screens), “MRI Poppins” and “the lion King”, which became the highest grossing animated film in history, beating the record of “frozen.” But the company is not going to stop. In its plans the shooting of the remake of the cartoon “Bambi”, “Cruella”, “Dumbo”, “Peter pan”, “Tinker bell,” “the sword in the stone” and, according to the sources, “Hercules”.

It is worth noting that Disney will re-shoot and some of the most iconic family films. Under the scope of the Directors got the legendary Christmas Comedy “home Alone”, a parody which recently took Makkala Culkin, the movie “night at the Museum”, “cheaper by the dozen” and “diary of a weakling”.

As for the “Hercules”, there is not known all the details. The film company has not given an official statement about this cartoon, however, insiders say that the remake is sure to be, and the creators have already considered actors for the main roles. Given that the information is taken from the same sources that reported the fear of “Aladdin” with will Smith, there is no reason to doubt its authenticity.

And although the release has not been announced, it is rumored that the main character – Hercules – let’s play Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard, who is the son of Stellan Skarsgard (better known as Boris Shcherbina from the TV series “Chernobyl”, from NVO), according to the publication, “We Got This Covered”. It is also reported that the role of the demigod auditioned the star of the show “90210” Trevor Donovan.

Unable to star in the film and the British troop, which is now going crazy the whole world, Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston. Due to his charisma, they claim to be the main antagonist of the cartoon – Hades. They think they were chosen because of the terrible sight, combined with a good sense of humor. Such are the qualities of aid in the updated version of “Hercules”.

Tom Hiddleston has the advantage, after all, played a similar type role. The actor played God villain Loki in the movies kynoselen Marvel. Note that Loki and Hades are mythological characters. His character (Loki — ed.) the audience both love and hate the same emotion evoked and sarcastic Hades in the cartoon. True, and Benedict Cumberbatch managed to play a superhero. And we are not about Sherlock, and about the character “Marvel” Dr. Strange.

Which of the two Brits in the end will become God of the underworld, will report later. It is alarming that at this stage of the candidacy of Cumberbatch and Hiddleston are in the “wishlist” of the film, so both actors can still abandon the role.

We will add that in the original “Hercules” 1997 agnivolok Hades voiced by James woods.

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