В Сети обсуждают трагическую гибель экс-участницы «Дома-2» Unknown posted information about the death of the former heroine of the home country telestroke Sophia angel. The report said that the girl allegedly crashed while skydiving. “StarHit” contacted Sofia and found out that it’s someone’s evil joke.

      В Сети обсуждают трагическую гибель экс-участницы «Дома-2»

      Today, March 13, on the page of the former participants of the TV project “Dom-2” Sophia “Vkontakte” was published by the post. A “second cousin Igor” 23-year-old singer announced the death of “cousin”.

      “Sophia angel performing a parachute jump at nine in the morning tragically died. Sorry, she didn’t have time to pursue their dreams: to adopt a baby, to build orphanages and shelters… Page will be closed”, – has signed a symbolic picture is unknown.

      “StarHit” got in touch with the angel and found out the details of what is happening. “My page was hacked. Don’t even know who. Now trying to restore it and wipe out it all. I have a lot of enemies, probably one of them. With me everything is in order. Of course, I jumped with a parachute” – said Sophia.

      In addition, she also shared that in the past year it has received threats. Unknown intimidated young artist and even promised to douse it with sulfuric acid. “It was awful. Now thank God this is not. Many people do not like my work. But someone hacked the page I do not understand… No brother Igor I have no…” – shared with “StarHit” the girl.

      Friends on social networks immediately sounded the alarm, and allocation of responsibilities: one is trying to reach loved ones, and the other after work goes home to her. Her admirers not a little scared, but immediately suspected that something was wrong.

      “What nonsense! She wouldn’t do this!”, “If it is a joke, evil the Joker”, “I don’t think she would so attract attention. Either the page was hacked, or it’s true, but the more I want to believe that I’ve been hacked” “no, it’s a joke. This can’t just be. Don’t believe”, “I went skydiving, beginners have to jump with an instructor. Without an instructor, no one would let her. Therefore, all the same page just hacked,” wrote in the comments.

      Many have suggested that the post could do itself, Sophia, fallen into depression due to unfulfilled dreams of Eurovision. Even at the site of “House-2”, the girl admitted that she is ready to do all for the opportunity to represent Russia at the Eurovision song contest in Kiev.

      On “the Eurovision” Russia will be represented by the favorite of Alla Pugacheva

      By the way, this is one of the reasons why a career in telestroke, she did not work. The established stars of the project on the dream of the singer openly laughed, calling her a freak. Interestingly, before that, Sophia visited by the heroine of another show “Reboot”. After the broadcast was condemned by some leading Xenia Borodin for excessive sharpness in relation to the participant. The media personality she gave to understand that simply wants the good girl and asks to take him, take hold of the mind.