Vladimir Pozner responded to the attacks Maxim Fadeev

Владимир Познер ответил на нападки Максима Фадеева Leading again commented on the scandal on the set of the TV show “Minute of fame”. Mr Putin decided to close this topic once and for all. He published a detailed statement in which he said that does not follow the critical publications in the media and asks for support from fans.

      Владимир Познер ответил на нападки Максима Фадеева
      Владимир Познер ответил на нападки Максима Фадеева

      Recently at the filming of the First channel “Minute of glory” was a scandal which then was discussed on the Network. In a recent issue of the popular TV show dancer Evgeny Smirnov, and criticized by Vladimir Pozner and Renata Litvinova, said that he decided to leave the project. “I was actively trying to put the “hurt on the jury.” This is not so. I respect the jury and their opinions, I’m sorry that my message was interpreted incorrectly. I came not for PR and in any case not trying to speculate his second feature, I showed your ability,” shared a man in social networks.

      Evgeny Smirnov has refused participation in show “Minute of fame” after the scandal with the jury

      The decision Smirnova are unable to affect the recent words of Posner and Litvinova. The presenter said that he did not want to offend the dancer, and his words were misinterpreted. In turn, the well-known actress and the Director admitted that ordering themselves properly, calling the contestant “amputee”.

      Recall that Yevgeny Smirnov has appeared in the music video Maxim Fadeev and Nargis for the song “Together”. The producer has not remained aloof from the scandal that has embroiled his friend. He criticized members of the jury and stood up for Smirnov. Fadeev also could not pass recent release “minutes of glory”. He was again dissatisfied with the behavior of judges.

      Maxim Fadeev outraged by the cruelty of the jury “minutes of glory”

      “What I saw further in the form of an apology and Posner Litvinova was one of the most ugly and fake celebrations I’ve ever seen. It seemed to me that Mr. Posner was going to apologize and look into the eyes of his Wife and reluctantly stooping from embarrassment. I think in advance and instructed the heads of the channel relative to the whole of his speech… In the show he had to go on stage and do some “PA” in the form of an apology, which was: “I’m sorry! But! You misunderstood me!” Agree, don’t apologize… in a word, everything that happened today on the radio was ugly, disgusting and most importantly, that there was no sincerity,” said Fadeyev.

      In turn, Vladimir Pozner has published on the official website a statement, in which deployed, commented on the situation. The presenter stated that he did not apologize and just talked to the contestant.

      “Yesterday, before recording another program “Minute of fame” I was told that Eugene is in the audience and asked me to talk to him on camera, in order to draw a line under the whole situation. Not apologize, mind you, but to talk. That’s what I did. If you looked, could not help but notice that no apology I did not bring”, – said Vladimir Vladimirovich.

      Posner also responded to attacks that part of the audience, which again did not like his behavior. According to star TV, he does not follow the publications in the media and on the Internet.

      “Now, I tell those gentlemen and ladies who complained about me (I put it mildly) in the first episode, with no less fervor complain me by the second episode, like I “didn’t apologize”. For this reason I want to say: first, I apologized (see above); second, because I do not follow what is written about me in both the online and printed press, all of this – both negative and positive – for me simply does not exist”, – shared the leading.

      Posner also revealed that has no feelings about the criticism he underwent in the Network. “I assure you, there are more important things to do than pay attention to the attacks and the attacks of his enemies,” – said the host. He also cited scribbling from famous poem by Alexander Pushkin:

      The behest of God, o Muse, be obedient,
      Insults without fearing, without demanding a wreath,
      Praise and slander accept indifferently
      Not osporava fool.