Discussing an open letter to Kirill Serebrennikov

В Сети обсуждают открытое письмо Кирилла Серебренникова
The lawyer of the Director commented on the publication.

Kirill Serebrennikov


The theme of the arrest of Kirill Serebrennikov again scored a “mad momentum”. First, because today the Moscow city court will consider the appeal in a major case Director at the meeting will consider the legality of house arrest Serebrennikov. And, secondly, because of published online an open letter, the author of which, allegedly, is the artistic Director of “Gogol-center”.

A letter with revelations of Cyril appeared in the microblog of the German actor Lars Eidinger, known from the movie “Matilda”. Recalling his relationship with Mr Serebrennikov, he posted a text that, according to him, was given to him by Cyril a long time ago.

“I’m not a politician. I am the Director. I don’t want to be used in someone’s dirty interests. Despite the incident, I did a lot for art. I lived and continue to live for him. I want to thank my friends in Russia and abroad for their support. Unfortunately, there are forces of obscurantism who believe that my work generates corruption and has no right to exist. These forces also actively support my unjust arrest. I’m sure I’ll be able to prove his innocence and justice will prevail. I ask you not to incite hatred in an attempt to stand up for me and turn people against each other. Be reasonable — don’t follow the radicals who are trying to make a name for my business. I know you want to help me and I’m glad I have real friends. I’m sure that we can handle. I want to say again — I’m not a thief, and an artist, and artists don’t steal and give…” — it is told in the letter of Eidinger.

Interestingly, shortly after the publication of “treatment” Serebrennikov his lawyer announced that the Director has no written nothing. “No letter Kirill Serebrennikov Lars Eidinger was not. Cyril never sent and never asked for any help. Neither in this nor in the previous year. We perceive this as a provocation!” — quotes the lawyer of RIA Novosti.