Исчезнувшая «вице-мисс Москва» вышла на связь с мамой Anna Feshchenko promised to return home soon. The girl won a prize at the prestigious beauty contest and as a gift went for two days in Dubai. Apparently, the Arab city so liked the young beauty that she decided to extend their stay without notifying the parents.

      Исчезнувшая «вице-мисс Москва» вышла на связь с мамой

      The mother of 17-year-old model Anna Feshchenko made a statement to the police. The fact that a young girl lost in a foreign country. The young model got the title “Vice-miss Moscow” and the prize went to Dubai for two days. For entry into the country to a teenager needed parental permission and an adult chaperone. Young beauty went along with his 19-year-old girlfriend. However, in Moscow, Anna was in no hurry, so her friend had to go to Moscow alone. Questions mother Anna she said she has been decided to spend some time in the United Arab Emirates.

      The contest “Miss Moscow” ended the fight

      However, after contacting the police and Anna decided to get in touch with their own relatives. Mother of 17-year-old model Olga Feschenko told about when Anna will come back home and explained why they applied to the authorities.

      “I am in touch with Anna, and we’re constantly communicating. She left and come back already on Tuesday. I overreacted. I’m worried about my daughter, I am a normal parent. I watch a lot of TV shows, and they know what is happening here and decided to write to the police. It is like coming out with a workout, call me immediately, and now this, so I went to the police,” said the mother of the young fashion models.
      Исчезнувшая «вице-мисс Москва» вышла на связь с мамой

      According to Olga, she is very care about his daughter and tries to protect her in every way. Mom admits that she always tells her where and with whom she spends time. However, once in Dubai, the model apparently does not feel the need to warn parents that stay there for almost three weeks.

      However, Anna’s friend Catherine said that she really opened up on the second day of stay in the United Arab Emirates. It appears that any trip as a prize in the contest is not played out. According to her, Feshchenko arrived in Dubai to work in the field of escort services and earn money to study at the University. When Catherine found out about it, then immediately flew home.

      “A couple of days we have with Anna there was a scandal after I found out why we’re here. I made it clear to Ana that I’m not going to stay here and fly home. But Anya had the pressure on me. She asked me not to fly, not to crash her alone, but this work I do not need,” – said a friend of the model.

      This year Anna graduated from high school, and in September, according to her mom, was to start studying at the University.

      “I’m worried about the training of Ani, so I wanted to come back on August 30. But now rest and come,” says the mother of a young model in conversation with the publication Life.ru.