Дима Билан пообщался со зрителями своего кинодебюта Last weekend in St. Petersburg the cinema “cinema Park” hosted a pre-premiere screening of the film “Hero”, the main role in which she played the famous singer Dima Bilan. The hero of the occasion honored the Northern capital with his presence and talked to the fans

      Дима Билан пообщался со зрителями своего кинодебюта

      As they say, talented person is talented in everything. Famous singer and idol of millions of teenagers Dima Bilan, finally, first starred in the feature film “Hero”, where he played the lead role of Lieutenant Andrew Dolmatova. By the way, few know that acting debut Bilan pushed the TV presenter and the head of “ROSKINO” Ekaterina Mtsituridze, what he was a few days ago, told in his instagram.

      There is one important detail associated with the first film Bilan – his great-grandfather was related to Nicholas II and witnessed the events described in the film. So this story is not only based on real events, but is also a very personal one for Bilan.

      It is worth mentioning that Moscow and St. Petersburg premieres are different. Moscow, most often, characterized by pathos, and plenty of stars that are called, are made more on the show. Petersburg premieres also the artists themselves are often called “homemade” because of comfortable and good atmosphere prevailing in the hall. They come at least media people, only close friends and devoted fans. That was a “Hero” in the cinema “cinema Park”, which is located in the SEC “Grand Canyon” has gathered more than 800 people, most of them women, and obviously admirers of the Bilan.

      Дима Билан пообщался со зрителями своего кинодебюта

      Introducing the film, Bilan told that at first was afraid to appear in the film, spoke about the difficulties of working on a role and noted that this story is about young people which gathered at the St. Petersburg premiere.

      “Only together smartphones in their hands was a weapon. And it’s only 100 years old,” says Bilan.

      This was followed by an autograph session where Bilan was courteous, polite and resembled his character from the film Andrei Dolmatova. With every fan he tried to spread a few words, and not just to “work out” premiere. It is also noteworthy that female fans, whose age ranged from 5 to 30 years, appealed to the fact “you” – and yet, the night hooligan all Russia in December will be 35 years old – it’s just right to call it Dmitri!

      Дима Билан пообщался со зрителями своего кинодебюта

      “You like everything, normally took pictures – Bilan asked the girl. –Something which I was not very, let’s do it again!”

      Alas, not all fans managed to make the coveted selfie with his idol, because he missed the plane. When the vigilant guards started to pull the actor from the audience, one of the fans left after Bilan: “You don’t do that!” The star of the all-Russian scale would be offended by such a phrase, because it is clear to all that the artist does not belong to himself and often relies on different schedules, but vigilant Bilan, freed from the guards, asked this girl to go backstage and personally gave her a few minutes. However, then his heart took pity on him, and he’s still in 15 minutes, took pictures and signed autographs for everyone.

      Recall that in wide release, the film “Hero” will be released March 31.

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