Диме Билану вылилось боком судейство в «Голосе»

The officiating in the program “the Voice” once nearly ended tragically Dima Bilan.

The singer told the story of how he almost became a victim of bandits.

The story Bilan started with the fact that he under no circumstances takes bribes when someone wants to get into the project not because of its merits, and so to say by the “pull”.

Several times, after the teams were formed, Bilan approached with a request to enter the project: “Offered not in the forehead, and from afar. But I saw it in his eyes, what is a conversation, immediately it chopped off”.

“In my life there were two bright gift that backfired and I will never allow myself to be wrong, – said Bilan press. – I was locked in the Cabinet, one-eyed people were threatened with a gun, forced to sign documents… I have a place to earn, so this way of profit to me inappropriate.”

Dima added that the project “Voice” is very important for him and valuable. The actor is laid out on a high and leave on set a lot of energy: “words cannot Express how much strength and energy I leave for the shooting,” Dima admitted. “Besides, I can’t shake the feeling of fear to offend someone, because I don’t know the middle. How much can be accomplished, as can behave just horrible.”