Media believe that the actors can form a new pair — #Gridapp

СМИ считают, что в Голливуде может образоваться новая пара — #ДжолиДепп

Johnny Depp emerging from the difficulties of divorce, knows what an ordeal faced his friend and colleague Angelina Jolie. The star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” has been more or less peacefully settle the property issue with amber heard. An important role in the positive resolution of the issue was allotted to the lawyers. A lawyer involved in his divorce a couple, Depp recommended angelina Jolie.

Now Jolie and Depp, United by the common grief of parting with his mate, spending more time together.

“Angelina adored johnny for many years, before working in “the Tourist”, and then they became friends on the set — according to the source foreign publications. — There were rumors that he seduced her, and then she admitted to the magazine that fidelity was not a necessity.”

Some informants who hope to glorify his name in the scandalous divorce Joliette, reported that for a long time Depp and Jolie have not lost connection, and now, when they’re both free, they can finally give in to passion and form a new couple, and then family.

By the way, declared an earlier version of the divorce of Brangelina (say, pitt, a drug addict, an alcoholic who beats her children) is failing. According to numerology, the marriage of this Hollywood couple kept only on the patience of the actor.

“She is a very bossy woman who likes to make mountains out of molehills – that’s the house of the star couple had quarrelled frequently. Jolie is one of those people who always dissatisfied with everything. She is constantly unsatisfied, ever searching… It prevents her, as a woman, to be happy. Also her character is present obstinacy. All of the above suggests that under tremendous external data Angelina, marriage stars kept only on the patience of pitt. It’s program is ambitious and for the purpose will do anything. Brad is a fan of his work, always achieves goals,” said Clara Kuzenbaeva.