Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял» The singer told “StarHit” why not deliberately looking for love, like helping the families and what is sitting on a strict diet. The artist also shared details of the relationship with the family and revealed the secret of his happiness.

      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»

      Dima fly to his native Nalchik – there the singer performs at a charity concert Sati Kazanova “the World” in support of children’s homes. During the dressing of the meal, the flight attendants discuss what he is trying to order Sky Shop electrical tape. Already on arrival at the airport and I ask him what this thing is.

      “It quickly relieves the pain, – says the star. – I’m the leg dislocate, column jumping, pinched neck work… So I try to always have it with you”. The singer told “StarHit” why not deliberately looking for love, like helping the families and what is sitting on a strict diet.

      Receive from the Pope for sister

      Dima, in recent months, you’ve lost a lot of weight, all the worry…
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»In January, I dug in themselves serious forms of gastritis. The body does not have enough microbes that are necessary for the stomach. That is, every time I missed meals, my stomach was eating itself. The doctor advised to eat frequent small meals. So I switched to porridge and soups. Cook the morning rice or buckwheat for lunch – chicken noodle soup or soup in a cafe. Recently, another sleep question decided at 23.30 in bed, get up at 7.00. It’s all soothing tea. I have, by the way, yesterday is over…
      Don’t you have maids that do this?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»There, but buy tea himself. I do love the around the house things to do – last year that the grapes were planted.—
      Ten years ago, you moved the parents out of town may in Kolomna, 100 km from Moscow, bought three… they are Often?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»Not really, but regularly call, send a video… With the “New wave” in Sochi threw mom in WhatsApp our performance with the winner of “the Voice. Children” Danil Pluzhnikov, and she told me: “all right, now pay. Son, what are you doing to me?” The work of recent years with their parents do not discuss. I deeply stepped into the profession, advice from mom and dad do not ask, and share what worries…This will not do – protect them.—
      Nina Dmitrievna and Nikolai Mikhailovich doing today?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»Mom life – homemakers. Sorry, the “position” of a little praise. She had six brothers and sisters. Her mother, who moved from Kazan, live with us in May, other grandmother too. My childhood was irritated, I asked: “Mom, why are you? You most want?” Family loved, but sometimes wanted to be alone or invite some friends over, and I got two paralyzed grandmother… dad is a man of mathematical bent of mind, was the chief designer of KAMAZ. Now retired, built a three-storey house in Kolomna. This is not his first experience in May also built housing, I even did the walls one wall.
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»
      You have a younger sister, 21-year-old Anna, sang a duet. She also wants to become popular?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»Yes, but not on stage. “Sing now all. And I’ll go into directing,” said Anya and I arrived at the Los Angeles film school, now in the second year. We call each other on Skype. I sister feel responsible. Parents were against her moving to America, especially dad, but I insisted. So now in some kind of stalemate, all the cones flying at me. For example, Anna now wants to fly to Russia because he missed you, but her student visa, and the U.S. Embassy advises her to leave the country. Sister is nervous, dad calls me: “Calm her down myself.”—
      About Ana you’re willing to say, and the oldest, 36-year-old Lena, never mention. Why?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»What to say about her? The older… she has her husband Gene and daughter Alice, my niece. She’s 7 this year went to the first class. Before Lena and her family lived in Moscow, but then moved to Kolomna – Alice does not fit the climate. Thrust to fame they have. Niece actually, I get nervous and shy. Behold uncle telly, and then when he sees hiding behind mom.Lena graduated from St. Petersburg University of technology and design. Nine years ago helped her to open a clothing store in Kolomna, who a year later went bankrupt. Today my sister sews custom home to be away from your daughter.
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»
      You and he were going to go to the designers who planned to open a clothing brand…
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»Even found the technology, but four times was rescheduling an appointment – no time.
      Sister do not want to attract business?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»I am advocating that with relatives to work is not worth it. Loved ones need to support, but financial Affairs it is better not to have. I already helped my sister – gifts for wedding, apartment, car.—
      Good to be a sister Bilan!
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»Well, I agree. Junior three years ago, also presented the car brand “Volvo”. But she’s a year sold – why, I do not know.
      Your cousin Victor who worked as a district in Kolomna, three years ago, was accused of extortion. You communicate?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»No. Because of the discrepancies of thoughts and mentalities, goals. My whole life I have been passionate about music and he was a police.
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»
      Son of Yana Rudkovskaya and Evgeny Plushenko, your godson Sasha, 3 years. As you spend time with him?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»I try to take care of it as possible in my life. Travel here is definitely Sasha gifts – designers, educational games. But I really am endlessly on the road. Are not at home, you know? But on major holidays necessarily together. The rest of the time Ian always sends me a video of Sasha something funny said, laughing…

      As I constantly fall in love

      Almost every month your groupies to announce that birth from Dima Bilan. How to react to such news?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»Any way, learned to spit on these. At some point a few years ago I had click. I can’t please everyone and control what they say about me and write. I am one, and people around a lot, what am I now trying to adapt to all? No, go on about the crowd – this is nonsense. How I was once encouraged to marry Lena kuletskoy, but I resisted. And time showed that it was better for everyone.—
      Today are you lonely?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»I would call myself happily secluded. Very long way to go and cherish is now a sense of ease. I am the only son in the family, I always had the responsibility. I wanted to shift it to the shoulders of the brother, but I didn’t have one. So today for me to be left on its own – this is happiness. Not to call anyone, no one held accountable, not for anyone to worry… I Got so busy, I don’t just play music. Recently here’s another cartoon “Trolls” sounded, he was to be released in 27 Oct. In this my voice a character by the name Tsvetan. In the story the Troll gets tired of the bustle, hiding from everyone and becoming a hermit, just like me. Tsvetan loves to sing, but one day this hobby nakliyat trouble on his tribe, the gremlins came and ate his family. And in the cartoon all love a hug – like “Voice.” In the original dubbing Tsvetana voiced by Justin Timberlake. The Manager, who was involved in the casting, said we’re very similar in parts.
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»
      It makes sense for fans to write to you sms or “Direct” – answer?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»Just to keep the conversation going I can. But if you see that a girl in love, move away. It may seem immodest, but I confess: I always fall in love… It’s suffocating – to me preferable to friendship.—
      A month ago you on Instagram hinted at the move – they say, the road from your house in suburban Rasskazovka takes too much time. Where are moving?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»In one of apartments of the capital that was passed. Now there doing a repair, that’s settled. From where I live, to the set of “the Voice” – a five minute drive away.—
      Many of those who can call at night to share concerns?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»Friends are those who have passed with toogling way, especially those portions of it when it was hard. Remember the first years in Moscow, I had no one to rely on, I survived… Worked nights and was asleep at the study of musical literature he was reading lying down, turning off, and the book fell on my face. People who were around then are still with me.
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»
      In one interview you said that the participation in the “Voice” for you – including the opportunity to be seen, after all, to collect the “Crocus city Hall” is not so simple… For this reason, back in the 5th part of the project, because in the 4th weren’t you?
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»Any action that makes media people, to some extent, necessarily aims to promote yourself. This is logical, isn’t it? But I would not go on “the Voice” again if I didn’t have the feeling that something needs to be done. I have left half my life and consider myself a part of it. And the offer from the management of channel sounded so strongly that not not it was possible. Rather, it is the latter played a decisive role, not a logical desire to promote the concert. Words cannot Express how much I leave on the set. In addition to the guys sitting in the chair, how to spend energy outside of the site. For example, if I scored someone from the team and talked to him for ten minutes, the sense of justice forces you to call other wards and to give them as much attention. But the adrenaline that I get to “Voice” does not compare to anything else. This is from the series “In the nearby forest such a nightmare, such a nightmare… I’ll go again Tomorrow”. Besides, I can’t shake the feeling of fear to offend someone, because I don’t know the middle. How much can be accomplished, as can behave just awful.—
      Something I like in the air did not notice…
      Дима Билан: «Меня хотели женить, но я устоял»Here I have a good fuse!—
      Happened to be willing to get the project bribes were offered?
      A couple of times, at the stage when the team were recruited. Proposed not in the forehead, and from afar, but I saw it in his eyes, what is a conversation, it was immediately chopped off. In my life there were two bright gift that backfired and I will never allow myself to be wrong. I was locked in the Cabinet, one-eyed people were threatened with a gun, forced to sign documents… I mean, where the money is why this way of gain, to me, irrelevant.

      Jubilee concerts of Dima Bilan – 15 and 16 November at the “Crocus city Hall”

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