Дима Билан стал владельцем гостиницы
Fans are watching with interest the personal life of the popular singer Dima Bilan, and he is in no hurry to advertise it.

Дима Билан стал владельцем гостиницы

More recently, however, the contractor admitted that he opened together with relatives own the hotel. The arrangement of the hotel was for three years, and it is designed for the middle class.

Дима Билан стал владельцем гостиницы

“With a family member, companion opened a hotel in the suburbs, one of the most popular genres of mini hotels included in this year’s three most promising businesses, because the country is developing tourism. Affordable hotel “three stars”, 29, full number. Available, clean, completed all the fee and most importantly for people. Advertising is where it should be. This segment of the budget, does not require advertising for luxury resources, but may be voiced at the time. Worked for three years with a companion on this project”, – confessed Dima.

Bilan did not spread about the location of the hotel, but have uncovered the fact that he has only three stars.

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