Умерла Соня Рикель
Became the “Queen of knitwear”.

Sonia Rykiel

Today on 86-m to year of life
died, fashion designer Sonia Rykiel. This became known from the message of the Agency AFP. “My mother died this morning at his home in Paris
from complications of Parkinson’s disease,” — said the representative of the
Agency daughter Sonia and Natalie Rykiel.

Sonia Rykiel appeared
born in may 1930 in the suburbs
Paris. Parents of the future stars of fashion was a modest family of immigrants. Her mother arrived in France from
Poland and her father from Romania. Sonia, who was the eldest of 5 sisters, beginning
to work at the age of 17. Then she asked to prepare a showcase of the fabric store, she met her husband, Sam Rykiel — owner of the fashion boutique

For a store of her husband, she created their first models of sweaters and maternity clothes. And in 1965
year together they have founded their own company. After the divorce, Sonia and Sam remained business partners. In this marriage, Sonia gave birth to
two children — Natalie and Jean-Philippe.

Sweaters, dresses and other
jerseys, styles which
invented Rykiel worn by many celebrities. So, Audrey
Hepburn once appeared in the boutique, bought as many as 14 jerseys
different colors! In 1967, the American magazine Women’s Wear Daily for the first time called her “the Queen

The disease from which he died Sonia, she was diagnosed for the first time in
the end of the 1990s, and she told about the trouble in 2014 — in his book, which was written together with journalist Judith Perignon…

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