Died of theatrical legend Zoe Bulgakov

Умерла театральная легенда Зоя Булгакова The oldest Russian actress, died on the 103rd year of life. Despite the fact that Zoe Bulgakov was invited to work in Moscow, honored artist of the RSFSR dedicated many years to the beloved globe theatre, located in Novosibirsk. Colleagues stars mourn her departure.

      Умерла театральная легенда Зоя Булгакова

      Today it became known that on 103-m to year of life died honored artist of the RSFSR Zoe Bulgakov, which was considered the oldest actress of Russia. About it reports a press-service of the Novosibirsk youth theatre “Globus”, where local legend played over a long period of time.

      Farewell to Zoe Feodorovna will be held on February 6 at the Novosibirsk actor’s House.

      “Her name is rightly entered the history of children’s theatre in our country, in all academic publications, historical works devoted to children’s theater of the twentieth century. It is inextricably linked with the history of the Novosibirsk youth theatre of the 30’s, 40’s and 50-ies. With her always loved to work with fellow partners, her talent was fond of Directors, she inspired playwrights to write new scenes in their dramatic works of Art… Bulgakova was inherent in the touching sincerity and lyricism, virtuosity intonation with which she introduced the audience into the atmosphere of fairy tales, infecting his bright vision of its poetic system and a light sense of humor,” – said on the website of the cultural institutions.

      Famous stage actress was born 24 Dec 1914 in Novonikolaevsk. In 1932 she graduated from the Studio at the local youth Theatre. Despite the fact that Zoe Bulgakova received proposals from Moscow, she stayed true native to the Novosibirsk theatre.

      The actress became famous thanks to roles of fairy tale characters. “Young Zoe Bulgakov is becoming the Central figure in solving the problems of a newly built children’s theatre in the country. She is one of the first creators of images of children on the Soviet stage”, – reported in “the Globe”.

      Perhaps the most famous character Bulgakova is a Red Cap, which she played from 1937 to 1955. The actress has perfectly managed to get into that character and it’s easy to conquer the hearts of many art lovers, big and small.

      Recall that in October last year died another famous record – 101-year-old Vladimir Zeldin. In early October, the star theatre and cinema were hospitalized due to problems with the pressure. Three months later from the widow of the artist Ivetta Kapralova. Vladimir Zeldin called wife after death