Died actor of the film “Cruel romance” and “the camp leaves in the sky»

Умер актер фильмов «Жестокий романс» и «Табор уходит в небо»
Farewell to Vladimir Bazyleva will take place on February 11.

Dmitry Buzylev

Honored artist of Russia Dmitry Buzylev died at the age of 61 years. This was reported on the website of the Union of cinematographers of Russia on Friday, February 9.

The actor passed away after a long illness. Details
of death not disclosed. Farewell to Bazyleva will be held February 11 at
the Moscow House of cinema. He was buried in Pikhtinsk cemetery.

In October 2017, Buzylev was in intensive care in serious condition. Doctors discovered he had stomach ulcers. The actor was operated.

— the author and performer of Gypsy songs and romances in the Soviet and
Russian film. He played in such films as “the camp leaves in
sky”, “My sweet and tender beast”, “Sibiriada”, “Tehran-43»,
“A cruel romance”, “dark Eyes” and “the Barber of Siberia”. Title
honoured artist of Russia, received in 1997.