Скончался актер Алексей Жарков Male passed away after a long illness. Previously “StarHit” wrote that Alexei Zharkov struck a stroke. For nickolich weeks he was in hospital in serious but stable condition.

    Скончался актер Алексей Жарков

    Today it became known about the death of a famous actor Alexey Zharkov, on account of which the role in more than a hundred paintings. The actor passed away after a long illness. More recently, “StarHit” reported that Zharkov was urgently hospitalized in a Moscow clinic after a stroke. The man had been in serious but stable condition for several weeks. The sad news of his death was reported by the Union of cinematographers of Russia.

    Actor Alexei Zharkov struck a stroke

    “June 5 at 69 after a long illness passed away the actor, the knight of the Order of Friendship, people’s artist of Russia Aleksei Dmitriyevich Zharkov. Went amazingly talented artist, humble, kind man. In the biography of Alexei Dmitrievich more than 130 movie roles, each of which conquers the inner strength, identity, loyalty transfer human characters and a beautiful game”.

    It is known that Zharkov had a stroke back in 2012. Then the actor has severed all ties with your colleagues and moved with his wife from Moscow apartment in country house. Shortly before his death an actor for the second time became a grandfather – came to light by his granddaughter. However, to hold the baby, he had failed.

    In an interview with “StarHit” colleagues of Alexey Zharkov stated that he needed help. Artists trying to give him the attention and support his wife.

    “He has not really recovered after the first shock, which was in 2012, – told the “StarHit” a close friend of the actor, the journalist Stanislav Malozemov. – Very helpful, including the money guys – Michael politseymako, Alex Buldakov. Not from the actor’s team also has assistants”.

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