Boris korchevnikov can not forget the bride, which broke up

Борис Корчевников не может забыть невесту, с которой расстался The presenter hopes for friendship with ex-lover. Boris korchevnikov admitted that the breakup with actress Anne-Cecile Sverdlovo for him was painful. It happened quite recently.

      Борис Корчевников не может забыть невесту, с которой расстался

      Well-known TV presenter Boris korchevnikov is one of the most eligible bachelors on Russian television. About the personal life of the journalist prefers not to talk, but his romance with actress Anne-Cecile Sverdlove was the subject of discussion in secular circles during the last year.

      It turns out that the wedding stars has been talked about in the media, did not take place. Korchevnikov broke up with his lover quite recently and is still experiencing sadness because of the break. No one knows how long will now require Boris to regain composure. While he hopes for at least a friendship with the former beloved.

      “Parting ways with Anna, of course, was painful. It’s like breaking a twig, which is already rooted. Hurt for life, ” explains the presenter. For me trust is more important than love. The marriage lasts sometimes even not on love but on trust. But if you broke up because of betrayal, trust cannot be saved. In our case there was no treachery nor mine, nor of Anya’s hand. Therefore, the trust is preserved, and hence a chance at friendship.”

      It is noteworthy that about Anne-Cecile korchevnikov told his father when he was still alive. Vyacheslav Yevgenyevich Orlov, was not a year and a half ago. Shortly before his death he and Boris had a long conversation in which the father gave his son advice.

      “About the bride he said: “I will Come again your girl, you would see it and understand. Looks like it’s not your girl”. And something very simple to explain… I walked away from him then, wrapped in winter coats, and wept, because he understood that dad will die,” admitted Boris in an interview with “Express newspaper”.

      Recall from the father of the TV presenter had a complicated relationship. Boris found out about dad when he was thirteen years old. One day the mother brought him to a meeting with Vyacheslav Orlov, who himself wanted to finally meet the heir. It turned out that dad had another family, so with Boris, he saw rarely.

      A really warm relationship with my dad Korchevnikov has developed in adulthood. Before his death, the father gave parting words to the son, that he should now be in life. “Do not rush to do everything. Don’t worry, everything will be fine”, – said Boris Vyacheslav Evgenevich.

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