Умер 34-летний игрок КВН Aslan Alborov has played in the KVN team “Pyramid” for six years. According to official information, the comedian died at the recreation center under Vladikavkaz. In the environment of the player said that he killed himself.

The stars Ossetian team “Pyramid” Aslan Alborov became tonight in Vladikavkaz, he was only 34 years old. Immediately after the information about the death of a member of the “club” investigators started to investigate what was the cause of death. As it became known later – the man had committed suicide at the recreation center.

The tragic news was announced by Director of the North Ossetian theatre KVN Exiled Pliev.

“While there will be no details. I don’t know them. I only know that when they leave young, talented people, it’s a pain that will always be,” wrote Pliev on the page in Facebook.

What made the comedian at this step is still unknown. “Aslan committed suicide in the night of 4 July. We do not yet know the reasons,” said a source from the inner circle of stars.

In the composition of the Ossetian club “Pyramid” Aslan played for more than 6 years, starting in 2004. The team played in the Premier League, and also participated at the festival in Jurmala in 2009.

In the “Pyramid” each team member had their own nickname. Alborova was called “hamster”. A colleague at the command of Aslan Azamat Koko was told about the young man: “He has proved himself as a fine man, well able to rap. Rap is his style. He is one of the authors and the actors, which is very well cope with the role assigned to him.”

Recently Alborov worked at the North Ossetian TV channel “Ossetia-Iriston”. However, on the company website there is no information about his death. Social networking admirers of the young humorist mourn and try to find out why he left so early from life.

“I’m in terrible shock. When close and long know man, it hurts in a special way. Young and talented, and your”, “My condolences! I am in shock, still can’t believe it, in memory of”, “Such a cheerful and talented. An irreparable loss,” wrote social media users.

By the way, after participating in WHC’s career to some of the team “Pyramid” was very successful. David Callev is now creative producer of the project “Comedy Woman”. Zaurbek Bitsaev and George Abaev work as editors of regional KVN League “Alania”, where Azamat Koko is an administrator. Timur karginov became the participant of the project “Stand UP” on the TNT channel.