Ксения Бородина об отношениях с Бузовой: «Наше противостояние надумано» Evening in the new reality show “DOM-2” each of the leading will defend their point of view. Olga Buzova will expel from the project individuals, but Ksenia Borodina – pair

For several months in the Network constantly discussing the relationship Ksenia Borodina and Olga Buzova. Fans of the TV project “DOM-2” it was rumored that reigns between the two leading real confrontation, but outside of filming, and they did not communicate. Now Xenia and Olga will be on different sides of the barricades in the new show “House-2” – “against Borodina Buzova”.

“Confrontation Buzova and Borodina are constantly discussing all and Sundry. And it is certainly far-fetched. In the new show we with Olga, indeed, will defend their point of view, and emotionally! But on the “House-2″ and there are a few of the leading to look at a situation differently! We decided to treat our viewers who dream to pit us against each other!” – said “StarHit” Ksenia Borodina about the new show.

The presenters will face the authority and will argue about participants who must leave the telestroke. Ksenia Borodina nominates on the flight two pairs of the inhabitants of telestroke, and Olga Buzova – four singles. Other leading reality show, Vlad Kadoni, Olga Orlova and Julia Efremenkova will observe what is happening in the next room. They have the opportunity to save someone from participants from the category. The final decision on departure will be made on the standard vote on Saturday.

In the pilot video from filming the program “against Borodina Buzova” leading kill each other and emotionally reacting to it. The first edition of the show will be aired on TNT on Wednesday at 23.00.