ДиКаприо опубликовал якутский «Оскар» в Instagram

For a long time Leonardo DiCaprio was not a single award from the American Academy, now the actor can boast of two “Oscars”.
To the Hollywood star finally got the statuette, which specifically for his idol made fans from Yakutia.

ДиКаприо опубликовал якутский «Оскар» в Instagram

National award Leonardo took with great joy, and later with the help of Instagram, thanked everyone who was involved in its creation: “Thanks to inhabitants of Yakutia for this wonderful gift, especially women, who collected the materials of which turned out to be this statue. As they wrote in the letter, Yakutia — the coldest place not only in Russia, but on Earth, this region is particularly sensitive to climate change. Higher temperatures — the main threat to people, their livelihoods and living environment”, — commented the actor a gift from the Yakut people.

It is remarkable that Yakut “Oscar” is truly precious. To create 144 man handed over the jewellery with a total weight of 1389 g of silver and about 4 grams of gold.

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