Madonna tore the clothes with the fans during the concert

Мадонна сорвала одежду с фанатки во время концерта

What is going on with Madonna? Her strange behavior on the scene in recent times has been forced to doubt its adequacy, and here again it provokes the audience to rumours of a mental disorder. During a recent concert, she called a fan from the audience hall and made her Boobs all over the stadium.
57-year-old Madonna during a concert in Brisbane so angry that he tore the upper clothes girl, exposing her in front of everyone, so also ambiguously responded to the incident.

“You’re the type of girl you really want to strip and spank her ass,” said the singer, jerked a t-shirt fans. Shocked the girl giggled nervously and confused, not knowing how to react.
“Oh shit.. Oh, sorry, it’s sexual harassment.. can do the same with me if you want,” said Madge into the microphone. But the fan apparently didn’t like. Then Madonna gave her a hug as an apology that showed the Breasts of the girls around the world.

Recall that the strange behavior of the singer tied to her feelings about son Rocco, who now lives with his father in London and not going to return to his mother in America.

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