Диана Крюгер и Джошуа Джексон начали жить вместе после 10 лет отношений

10 years it took Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson, to finally realize that it’s time to go to the next level and become a family.

In an interview with The Edit , the actress told that Joshua had taken important decision for themselves and began a life together.

“I moved this week, told reporters Kruger. Now I need to buy some things, such as candles, books, etc. the Move was the main problem last time. This is a big step for me in growing up. I now have to devote your time to someone else in my life.”

Noted that the 39-year-old actress moved to her beloved new York, but she doesn’t see his future life in this city. The plans of the search space not so loaded with people and stuff.

I feel European too. I wish to grow old in Paris. My dream is to grow in this city of children”, — confessed Diana journalists.

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