Denis Simachev doesn’t know anything about rape in his house

Денис Симачев ничего не знает об изнасиловании в своем доме The housekeeper of the famous designer gave a statement to the police. Denis Simachev was unable to share the details of the incident, as is in another city and not aware of the incident.

    Денис Симачев ничего не знает об изнасиловании в своем доме

    In Moscow there was a crime, with which was connected the name of the famous Russian designer Denis Simachev. A citizen of the Philippines, who works with fashion designers as a housekeeper, filed a complaint with the police. Lady says that on the evening of the first of April over there were committed acts of a sexual nature under the threat of violence. According to media reports, the rape happened in the apartment which was rented by a famous designer.

    “I don’t know what could happen. I am now in St. Petersburg and try to understand. As soon as I know anything, I’ll be able to comment on, and now have nothing to say” – shared with “Stricom” upset Denis.

    At the moment, already have a suspect in the crime. They can be 56-year-old businessman from Estonia, which was introduced in the house Simachev in that ill-fated evening. Still unknown, dropped the man on a visit to the designer, or was it a visitor the housekeeper. After the fact review. Denis is extremely puzzled by the incident because it is in another city, and at a distance him even more difficult to understand what happened.

    By the way, Denis Simachev is the only Russian celebrity who chooses as maids representative of the exotic country. For example, the son of Anastasia Stotskaya is not the first year helps to educate Filipino.

    “We needed all in one housekeeper and nanny for his son Sasha, – has told “StarHit” singer. – Friends recommended to take a Filipino woman. At first I was afraid to leave her alone with my son, I controlled everything: how takes him in his arms, plays. Then began to leave for an hour or two. The baby gradually accustomed to aunt Janice”. Assistant Anastasia rents an apartment near the house of the singer. “She is modest, once again not going to go in the room if we are there, says Stotsky. – She recently went to the Philippines and stayed there for a month and a half. And I couldn’t wait when she will return.”

    Interestingly, some time ago for a Filipina maid almost broke up the marriage of Valeria and Joseph Prigogine. The couple strictly observe the terms of Conrade signed with the native of a hot country. So one day when had to violate one of the points, between husband and wife erupted serious dispute. And the end, the services of foreign helpers had to be abandoned.

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