Денис Матросов попал в неловкую ситуацию на родах невесты
The actor spoke about the incident during the birth of his fourth child.

Denis Matrosov Olga Golovina and son Theodore

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Let them talk”

Denis Matrosov proud of the fact that last spring was personally present at the birth of his bride Olga Golovina. The actor admits that the event was for him very important. Recently aired edition of the program “Let them talk”, in which Dennis first told me about what happened during the birth of his fourth child, Theodore.

Sailors remembered a funny incident that occurred during the most responsible moment of childbirth. When the actor with his wife were in the delivery room and the baby was a moment to be born, the doctor told Denis to prepare the camera to capture the event for the family archive. However, when the artist got to shoot out his phone, it turned out that his device is out of memory and writing was impossible. “I did not expect such swift delivery!” — Denis admitted. Sailors confused and very nervous. It was rescued by the doctor who delivered: he removed the birth of the son of the actor on your phone.

Now little Fyodor for eight months. Sailors with Olga and the baby are living away from the bustling capital. With the birth of a son the couple moved to a country house of the actor, where, incidentally, loves to visit with the son of Denis from his marriage with Maria Kulikova, Ivan. Boy, by the way, took the appearance of his younger brother with joy. “The kind of happiness that Vanya took Fedco! All worry, but it dispelled all our doubts. He is around Fedi spinning, spinning, kissing and hugging him. And it’s so cool!” — shared Sailors.