Journalists dug up the dirt on boyfriend Sharon stone

Журналисты раскопали компромат на бойфренда Шэрон Стоун
Lonnie Cooper, as it turned out, was married to a porn star.

Sharon Stone


Sharon stone was not in
too pleasant situation: her new boyfriend, who was believed solid
a businessman and a very decent person, has been compromised. Now over
Sharon openly laugh, it’s her favorite, as it turned out, was involved in the history of
photos not too decent content. This was announced
the online edition

The journalists managed to dig up an old story about
Lonnie. The fact is that before the meeting with stone, he spent seven years he was married to the model
Karen Catalina Cooper. This beauty, from which he was just crazy,
photographed not only for advertising of clothing and jewelry. At times it
participated in photo shoots for “Playboy”. However, the pictures that
published in this edition, was still relatively decent. But as it turned out,
Karen allowed a much more provocative images that were not published,
and kept in her personal archive. Moreover, there were rumors that if Lonnie was not present
personally, at these shootings, but in any case, were well aware.
This situation did not threaten him with special problems, while the images were not stolen
and were not included in the online “adult sites” where they got started
wildly popular. Scandal, and to dissociate themselves from the questionable
glory of his wife, Cooper was forced to divorce her…

Now that this old
the story surfaced again, the subject of ridicule was not only Lonnie, but in love
in him, Sharon, which in March this year will mark 59 years. While the actress has not commented on the situation, but
she, no doubt, very unpleasant. Consider whether stone this scandal enough
the reason to end their relationship with Cooper, time will tell. Recall
the affair with 62-year-old Lonnie, the owner of a large sports Agency
employs more than 200 employees, began at Sharon last fall. Since then they have constantly supported
relations, and stone even had time to spend with him a romantic vacation in the Caribbean.