Denis Matrosov showed fans pictures with family

Денис Матросов показал фанатам снимки с семьей
The other day in the microblog a well-known actor Denis Matrosov appeared the photographs, which depicted his beloved Olga and son.

Денис Матросов показал фанатам снимки с семьей

Images touched by his followers. Now Denis is located in Saint Petersburg, where the shooting of the new movie “Crash”, and his family meanwhile living in Moscow.

Денис Матросов показал фанатам снимки с семьей

“My returned to Moscow three days ago. I left to work in St. Petersburg. Miss you! A couple of pictures from their walks together in the Northern capital. The fool, in General, seen a week ago. Thanks to modern technologies that allow us to communicate across hundreds and thousands of kilometers. And in the meantime we’re moving to remove the crash in the movie “Crash”, – wrote the actor in his microblog.

It is worth noting that Denis has still not married his beloved Olga, as the money set aside for the celebration, was stolen, so the wedding was postponed indefinitely.

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