David Schwimmer organized a campaign against sexual harassment

Дэвид Швиммер организовал кампанию против сексуальных домогательств

The star of the popular TV series “Friends” actor David Schwimmer organized a campaign against sexual harassment, and the reason for that is bitter experience of his family members.
“I’ve heard some stories about sexual harassment from my mom when I was a boy. Every woman in my life and my family were subjected to sexual harassment, except, thank God, my daughter, who’s only six years” — said David.

Schwimmer and directed by Mazdak Rassi took a series of small videos, which show signals of sexual harassment. In a promotional campaign, which even got its own hashtag #ThatsHarassment (#Atomicalchemist) starred Cynthia Nixon, Emmy Rossum, Cristela Alonso and Sam Schwimmer. The plot of each of the six rollers under the names “Actor”, “Boss”, “Employee”, “Doctor”, “Photographer” and “Police officer” based on real events that occurred in the life of someone close to David or his friends.
“In the process of filming this video I realized how difficult it is to be a woman these days. Many women are not even aware that they are treated as a sexual object. This occurs when, for example, during employment do not evaluate the quality of knowledge, and appearance. The treatment of women and men are sometimes different,” said David.