Дэвид Блейн и Наоми Кэмпбелл не встречаются

The recent emergence of supermodels Naomi Campbell, along with the American illusionist David Bain on the yacht blew up the Internet, which is still recovering from the novel the stars with Skepti. The public suggested that long-standing friendship stars grew into something more, however, the couple no comments were given. To speak decided, the representative David, who has denied the rumors about the affair and was assured that nothing but friendship between children is not.

Дэвид Блейн и Наоми Кэмпбелл не встречаются

“They’ve been friends for over 20 years, and about any affair we are not talking”, — said the representative. Representatives of the model are also in full blow on friendly terms, although not all of them believe.

We will remind, the mother of David blaine was a simple teacher and her father was a serviceman, and they did not even know that their son would become a star of the Internet and the streets of America. The popularity of online blaine received due to the funny video, which showed street magic. Great magic tricks blaine will not name, but Internet users were delighted with the humor. In 1997, the name David blaine appeared on the lips of everyone, and will again appear, as street magician noticed together with Campbell on the yacht.

Sources endorsed that a romance between them. “They know each other many years, but they definitely have the desire. They’re both very charismatic people, to match each other”, — said the source publication Page Six.

The representative of the top model said it was only a long friendly relations. “David and Naomi are not Dating. They are friends for many years, but no more”, — says the representative. But another source claims that rest on a yacht to result in a romance, and such a close personality just can’t be together.

Surprisingly, but recently in the network there were rumors about the pregnancy of the model, however, is not from blaine. 35-year-old rapper Skepta, which was attributed to Campbell as the guy posted in his profile of instagram a photograph with ultrasound, which shows the unborn baby. And then it all began to guess who may be the mother, as he Skepta not published the name of the pregnant woman. The model quickly denied the rumors, and a recent photo of the yacht is not noticeable that her belly began to round up.