Хейли Болдуин на обложке Vogue: как Джастин Бибер выбирал помолвочное кольцо для модели

Hope recently captured by the paparazzi Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin were crying not from sorrow, but from happiness. And then sad? The singer gave his beloved a great engagement ring that boasted a model on the cover of the latest issue of Brazilian and Japanese Vogue. Photographers especially preferred to create a black-and-white frame, which clearly shows the engagement ring.

Хейли Болдуин на обложке Vogue: как Джастин Бибер выбирал помолвочное кольцо для модели

“Justin looked at the diamond, and I asked him what he sees inside this stone. He said he sees the face of Haley,” says the jeweler Jack Solow.

Justin was directly involved in creating a special ring for his beloved. According to the jeweler, Justin elaborated on his view of design and additional elements. Ring of yellow gold complements the 18-carat diamond.

On account of photos of crying star, Bieber himself explained what happened. “You have good days, and bad. It’s not real if you have no bad days,” said Justin, showing the paparazzi the book Timothy Keller’s “the Meaning of marriage”. Maybe the couple was a serious conversation about the future, which is forced to cry from both. Now Bieber is feeling much better, because the fans responded calmly, talked with them, took pictures and even danced.

Says the insider, the couple began a month ago. “They met in 2016, and their feelings never really went away. Now their romance broke out with new force, and they spend more and more time together,” he said.

Constantly notice a few together for walks and picnics. Recently, the boys had a great time together at a nightclub and went to serve in the Church. It seems that Haley means to him nothing less than Selena, because Bieber is not every girl goes for service. However, the girl herself claims that her relationship with the artist friendly. “I met him when I was very young, and he was one of my best friends. Everyone knows that at a certain time it turned into something more, but that’s what happens when you are 18-19 years old. Was what it was. I have never had such a relationship. But it brought us both to the realization that we better be friends. He’s someone I respect a lot,” admitted Baldwin’s edition of the Sunday Times.