Дэвид Бекхэм: заболеваю, когда расстаюсь с детьми

Soccer star in an interview with the American GQ magazine told about how he’s the father.

And his father he is very good, because now the former football player believes parenting is a high priority.

“I literally become physically ill if I have to go somewhere without children,” says 40-year-old Beckham. And it doesn’t bother what his favorite entertainment past-time became almost daily viewing of the cartoon “Cold heart” with 4-year-old daughter Harper.

“Now I’m relaxed as a person and as a husband and as a father – all my worries were in the past, and now is only taking care of loved ones, continues David. However, this does not mean that the football star never misses his class that made him world famous: “I miss the game every day. I don’t know if I’m an athlete or just have a passion for the game, but I always think I could still take the field… Maybe I would prolong his playing career for a year, if we lived in Los Angeles, but we live in London, and the children love their school…”

Beckham and his wife, the former participant of group Spice Girls Victoria Beckham, in addition to daughter are raising three sons: 17-year-old Brooklyn and 13-year-old Romeo and 11-year-old Cruz.

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