Julia Kovalchuk was justified for erotic video

Юлия Ковальчук оправдалась за эротическое видео The singer’s acting quite boldly in a new clip. Julia Kovalchuk tries himself in different images. In erotic shots she can’t see anything wrong.

      Юлия Ковальчук оправдалась за эротическое видео

      Popular singer and TV presenter Yulia Kovalchuk soon will please its devoted fans a new videotrainer. The artist decided to try to experiment and took quite candid clip. Judging by the staff that the singer has published in his microblog, video for new song Kovalchuk will be able to excite almost all viewers because of the presence of quite explicit scenes. So, she decided to reveal the secret of the future clip and took a picture of the shooting process. In one of the photos the actress was depicted Nude in the bathroom. But interestingly, to play the main male role in the erotic video she called not to her husband Alexei Chumakov.

      Anticipating a possible wave of outrage from his fans and detractors about explicit scenes, Julia immediately hastened to justify himself and said that he did not see anything wrong.

      “And anticipating questions: – Julia, as you can? You have a husband! As Alex let this happen?” – I will answer! My dear, why don’t you ask such questions to the actors who do the same thing in the movie? The video is a small film, and generally the work exists to push the boundaries, to experiment, to please and surprise You, my dear viewers and listeners. And I’m going to do it! I like it but then we just on the way”, – said the singer on the social network page.

      Юлия Ковальчук оправдалась за эротическое видео

      I must say that fans were not to blame Yulia and fully supported the daring image of the singer in a new clip. Now many fans want to see the results. “Wonderful words! People, dear, really don’t impose your stereotypes and opinions!”, “Of course everyone understands that this is part of your job! Stupid questions should not be! You umnichka! Success!” – fans supported the work of the former soloist of group “Brilliant”.

      It should be noted that now the life of Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov filled with love. Although, as said Aleksey Chumakov, he believes that his wife have a hard time in a relationship with him. He doesn’t like to Express their feelings out loud, often tries to find solitude, however, the most important proof of love believes that all life is dedicating Julia.

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