Daughter Valery Meladze celebrated their honeymoon in Marrakech

Дочь Валерия Меладзе отпраздновала медовый месяц в Марракеше

In early October, the eldest daughter of Valery Meladze Inga and her lover is a British financier with Moroccan roots Nori Vergis – celebrated a wedding in Marrakech. After that, the pair went on a honeymoon, which I spent in Marrakech. On instagram she says that most of the honeymoon spent in Morocco at the Villa them with Nori other.

Дочь Валерия Меладзе отпраздновала медовый месяц в Марракеше

“The first day of winter in London unbearable cold that makes to go back to a slightly more comfortable weather, Morocco during our honeymoon. The first days we spent in full idyll in the Villa of our friend, which stayed even Churchill and Thatcher. Organize a wedding — almost a country to rule, so we thought that we too deserve to rest here,” said the daughter of Valery Meladze. In a recent interview for the magazine Hello! Inga was admitted that the scenario of the honeymoon only knew Nori.

“We live in London but often visit the Marrakech, in my mom’s Nori, but in the other cities of this country I haven’t visited. I have long wanted to get acquainted with Morocco, so the honeymoon we decided to spend here. All the details of our journey Nori keeps me in strict confidence. He says he wants to renew our wedding story.” says Inga.

Дочь Валерия Меладзе отпраздновала медовый месяц в МарракешеWe will remind that Inga Meladze and Nori Vergis met 10 years ago while studying at the King’s school Ely in Cambridge, and then entered the University of Oxford, where Nori graduated with a masters degree, and she defended the diploma on a specialty “psychology”. Two years ago Nori made a proposal to his sweetheart, to which she replied “Yes.” In January of this year, the couple formalized the relationship in Cambridge and in October they celebrated the wedding in Morocco.

“You know, 25 years ago, I would rather trust that will fly to Mars than what my daughter who was born in the hostel of the city of Nikolaev, will be such a beautiful wedding,” says Meladze on the wedding of his daughter.

“I remember at age 15 I went to study in London. I was scared and I kept telling parents that can’t live without and will soon return to Moscow. But soon I made friends, and then I met Nori, and life in England became much better, ” said Inga Meladze about moving to London. To acquaint parents with whom the girl decided in the New year. “New year’s eve dad had planned several speeches, and we all followed him. It was very fun and unusual.” he told Inga.