Дочь Татьяны Навки рассказала о своем будущем
Alexander Zhulin is going to get a serious education.

Sasha Zhulin

Photo: Aleksia (Sasha Zhulina) instagram Sasha Galinou

Olympic champion Tatiana Navka reasons for
pride of his elder daughter Alexandra Galinou abound. Six years
the successor of the celebrated skater has played professional tennis
and successfully performed at the international competitions. But due to injury she had
to leave the sport. And then Alexander moved on to his old hobby
music and began taking singing lessons.

First she addressed the audience at
my mom’s wedding which took place last summer in Sochi, played the song “I Will
to dance”. And after many fans of Alexandra appreciated
a recording of the song with enthusiastic reviews, and it was in the hit parade of the “Russian
radio. The girl took a stage name Alexis, released a video for the song “I
breathe” and promises to please fans with another song and video for her.

But a professional singing career of Alexander while
not going to do. “To successfully finish high school and go to University — my main goal at the moment,” she told the publication Tatler. — I aim at the economic faculty of MGIMO
— a diploma will always be useful in life. But for scenes that require other
knowledge so I have all summer to fly to New York Film Academy, where they will be read
lectures guru of show business, including Steven Spielberg and Kevin spacey”.

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