Daughter Pugacheva and Galkin grew chic curls

Дочь Пугачевой и Галкина отрастила шикарные локоны
Lisa is growing into a real beauty.

Photo: Instagram

The older Lisa Galkin, the more it affects the public. She is incredibly artistic, constantly comes up with some images, sings beautifully and is just growing at incredible fashionista.

Wonderfully intertwined in the girl genes of her parents. Alla in my youth, I never considered myself beautiful. On the contrary, everyone wondered how, with mediocre appearance, she managed to get on the big stage and become a Diva. Maxim Galkin’s hardly the standard of beauty, it is more funny because of their activities, rather than beautiful. Son Pugacheva and Galkina — an absolutely charming boy, but Lisa is a miracle.

Today Alla is in his personal blog has shared a new photograph of her daughter dissolved hair. Usually the girl removed her blond curls in a pony tail or braid out of the way during active play. And now fans saw a girl in all its glory.

Besides the fact that all noted the resemblance of facial features Pugacheva and her daughter, Lisa even compared with Claudia Schiffer and Brigitte Bardot (in her youth of course). But these ladies at the time, was a model of feminine beauty. On that not only were girls, just to be like their ideals.

The fact that Elizabeth, who recently turned 4 years old, will be the star, nobody doubts. Fans, friends, family and even the girl’s parents already accepted it. But Lisa herself has not yet decided what it will be: singer, actress or designer. However, she still has time to think. And the parents will try to have her dreams fulfilled at its best!