Дочь Веры Брежневой озвучила мультфильм «Балерина»
Sonia Kiperman spoke about his debut work.

Дочь Веры Брежневой озвучила мультфильм «Балерина»

Sonia Kiperman

Photo: Gennady Avramenko

Sonia Kiperman admitted that he always wanted
to voice cartoon, and now her dream has come true. Voice Sony now says
the heroine of the animated film “Ballerina” Dora. “One of my best friends already
voiced the cartoon, says Sonia 7days.ru. And it’s so cool when you
going to the movies and hear the voice of their mother or a familiar person. And when I
mom said that there is the opportunity to participate in the dubbing of “Ballerina”, I immediately
I ran to tell my younger sister, Sarah. She loves cartoons,
so be sure to go to the cinema on “Ballerina” and I can there
to hear.”

Sonia and itself in the childhood was engaged in ballet. “I
many who dreamed of becoming and astronaut, and a teacher, I wanted to put
evaluation and sign in the diary, and, of course, a ballerina, she remembers. — I studied dance at school, including ballet, but when I grew up
went on sports dances”.

The film “Ballerina”


But the greatest authority is for Sony
her mother — everyone’s favorite singer, actress and TV presenter Vera Brezhneva. ”
as much work as mother is for me a very high bar, says Sonia. —
But I will try. And strive to achieve the same high result.”