Daughter of Joseph Prigozhin told about pregnancy

Дочь Иосифа Пригожина сообщила о беременности Stunned father did not even understand what was happening. Iosif Prigozhin was going to be glad that will become a grandfather, but soon he realized that it was an April fool’s joke.

      Дочь Иосифа Пригожина сообщила о беременности

      Iosif Prigozhin has not yet had an opportunity to feel like a grandfather. None of his children don’t have heirs. Today, however, the middle daughter Danae gave the Pope a big surprise. 18-lazy girl sent Joseph a message, the content of which simply stunned.

      Danae announced the glad tidings to the father. “Hey, dad. All I wanted to say… You’re gonna be a grandpa. I don’t know whether you’ll be happy about it”, she wrote. Prigogine was so shocked by the news that he even believed in its veracity. Later, he shared his emotions with the fans. “My daughter today so I decided to present another surprise. At first I did not understand why today, if the day of my birthday tomorrow, then still got it… well Done, Dana!”, – signed a screenshot of correspondence with the daughter of the producer.

      Followers of Joseph responded to his words with an inherent irony. “An interesting variant of the draw”, But “April fool”, “April 1 you, Joseph I.! I hope you immediately realized that it was a joke,” “And then it turns out that this is not a joke,” they laughed.

      It should be noted that this is last time this is not the first time surprises his father. However, the previous time the reason for it was not so pleasant. The producer learned that his 18-year-old daughter intends to do liposuction. The fact is that this considers several full and she wants to lose weight.

      “Honestly, I concealed its decision from the father, – has shared with “Stricom” Danae Prigogine. But he had learned and immediately called me. Dad has forbidden me to do liposuction. He fears for my health. Said that with my heart I may not survive surgery. He almost cried. Mom supported him. In the end, I refused the surgery. The father asked to meet me and to discuss everything. He believes that I should go to the pool. Maybe this would be something to correct”.

      By the way, recently in the programme “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov Prigozhin admitted that he would love to be a father. According to his confession, during all thirteen years of marriage they Valeria longed to get an heir. “I really want a baby, – said Iosif Prigozhin. And today, there are a lot of ways. But Valeria recognizes only one natural”.

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