Дочь Ивана Охлобыстина запела

17-year-old Barbara showed their vocal abilities

Still the phrase that nature rests on the children of talented people, far from the truth. A striking example – the daughter of Ivan Okhlobystin barbarian. Recently in the Internet appeared the video, where 17-year-old girl sings the song from the play “Juno and Avos”. Turns out she is very good.

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I think many people are familiar with the concept of singing will agree that the song to demonstrate vocal Barbara chose difficult. High notes, drama… However, with the task the girl did well. Okhlobystin was not as fashionable now to scream into the microphone, tearing ligaments, and sang clean, very melodic, though not in a very loud voice. Listeners, among whom was the celebrated father of the girl, her performance was satisfied. Proud dad immediately boasted talented daughter on the social network page. Subscribers Okhlobystin also noted the talent of barbarians: Magic voice!”, “Always on top”, “incredibly beautiful singing”, “What is she talented!”

According to Ivan, about the acting career of his children, does not dream, but diverse circles actively visit. “Every child in addition to the study has at least two additional activities, – said Okhlobystin. Senior, Anfisa and Evdokia, students (Anfisa chose as a profession public relations, Evdokia – Microbiology. — Approx. Woman’s Day), I go to seminars. Darling still went right to. Cooking walks on the biological courses, does vocals and piano. Bob twice a week shoots at the shooting range of weapons of war, keen on mathematics, and, oddly enough, at the same time literature. Nyusha goes to school with an Orthodox bias, but it is also of interest to the exact Sciences. Savva to the 3rd class home schooled. All go to the pool with my mother, I can not. Acting footsteps no one wants to go! They looked at me, horrified, and fled in different directions.

Cooking pot, under the supervision.)

Video posted @psykero1477 Sep 17 2016 at 4:22 am PDT