Адель хочет пойти учиться в Гарвард
The singer made time to get a higher education.


Photo: Fotodom.ru

The other day
28-year-old Adele said surprised her fans the news. The singer said she plans to pursue higher education. “I really want to go
to study at University. That may seem strange, but I firmly
intends to carry out his intention. On
indeed, at the time, I was just about to go to University in England
when I was offered the first opportunity to make a professional recording of my
songs. I hesitated a bit, but still chose music. So it all started…” said Adele.

Ideally, as
she told the singer she would like to become a student of Harvard University.
But, as admitted Adele, she’s afraid she’s not smart enough to study in
this elite school. Therefore, it is ultimately likely
satisfied any University easier. And to kind of
to satisfy their dream of Harvard
Adele intends to buy yourself a “branded” t-shirt with the emblem of the University and the
use it every night as a “nightie”.

The idea
to realize his dream, came to the singer in the head right now far
no accident. The fact that until recently, it was extremely busy
his concert tour. So her not to bring her 3-year-old
son Angelo had to carry it everywhere with me. But next year
the boy should start to attend kindergarten, so he will not be able to accompany
it. That is why Adele had to make an important decision — how long to withdraw
from concert tours. As recently stated by the singer, she intends for her son and
the ability to communicate with his father is her boyfriend Simon Konecki to take a break from his touring
activities for the whole 10 years.