Daughter of Eminem about his father: “We are very close”

Дочь Эминема об отце: «Мы очень близки»

In the Internet and then discuss the successful career of child stars who off their parents squeezed into the fashion or film industry. Daughter of Eminem 22-year-old Haley Scott is not trying to get into the musical world of the father, and to reveal details about his life was not going…until this time.

Дочь Эминема об отце: «Мы очень близки»

The journalist of the Daily Mail questioned the girl and Haley admitted that the father they are all excellent. “We are very close,” admitted the girl.

Despite the fact that Haley did not go in the footsteps of his father, Eminem’s career is still out on the life of the daughter. In 2016 the girl created an instagram account that already has a million subscribers. Haley graduated from the University of Michigan, but I’m not sure yet what it wants to be. While she is not going to start a serious career, but admitted that he is interested in the fashion industry.

Recall? in honor of the 22nd anniversary she decided to share explicit photos. The photo came out well, very Frank, and many fans wondered how the little daughter of Eminem has turned into a handsome woman. Photo Haley posing on a red sofa in tight jeans and body with a large cut on the abdomen. Perhaps it is too open bodysuit or so played the position, but became clearly visible piece of the breast girls. “Advance happy birthday to me,” signed instagram post Haley.

Thus, Hayley showed that already a big girl and does not need the worries of his father. Eminem, as a loving father, very worried about his daughter Hayley, about which he wrote not one song. On his 21st birthday in the spring of Haley made a photo, which appeared in a revealing dress, which of course was not liked by the father.

“Haley was really sexy, and the dress left her practically half-naked. Eminem as a father, didn’t like it. He was proud of her, but at the same time wants to protect her, and when she goes out in public in such outfits and high heels, he is very nervous. He likes when she’s in pajamas and a ponytail” said the insider, and added that Eminem would like his daughter stayed longer like in the video 1999 for his song “Mockingjay”.
But the reasons to fear that it will go downhill, not at all. Haile is a very simple girl. Her Instagram is littered with cute photos with friends and boyfriend.
Fatherhood has changed the rapper for the better, but the music it remains as controversial as ever. For example, a big opponent of Donald trump, current President of the United States, the new song “No Favors” called a Republican “bastard”, despite its high current post.