Дочь Александра Серова, рожденная без кисти, могла выжить There was a witness who knew that the actor abandoned the child. According to Elena, she told her friend. Seeing that the baby no arms, Alexander Serov decided not to pick her up from the hospital. However, the musician withheld this information from his wife.
Дочь Александра Серова, рожденная без кисти, могла выжить

In the new edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” gathered women and friends of Alexander Serov. Hope the tiller works, who gave birth to daughter Christine comes from an artist, continues to insist that Serov apologized to them and paid the money for libel. Last broadcast revealed that by DNA test, the girl from Germany is a child of Alexander.

As told by the tiller works, it was originally supported Arishina Valentine, a woman with a daughter Alice. The girl’s father is also considered Alexander Serov. However, the ex-girlfriend of the actor claims that she want nothing from him. Valentina happily lives in Tenerife, and her daughter moved to the United States. Arishina joined the Studio guests and said that the tiller works threatened her, wanting different troubles.

Alena Ivantsova supported Valentine. “This man has never never said that he would require at the Serov 20 million,” – said the singer.

Дочь Александра Серова, рожденная без кисти, могла выжить

The whole conversation started due to the fact that in the will Serov was only her own daughter, Michelle. It turned out that Arishina passed the test on the lie detector. She answered negatively to all questions about the relationship with the artist. Valentine never demanded money from the singer. Expert verdict: some sort of resentment Serov still she remained.

Christine tiller works joined the Studio. She abruptly said that Valentine is lying.

“In fact, Christine’s writing to my daughter Alice that he owes us. My daughter asks: “And why is it you need?” “We are underpaid”. I was on the side of Christine when he insulted her. But in this situation blame only one Hope,” said Arisin.
Дочь Александра Серова, рожденная без кисти, могла выжить

Editor apps found classmates Alexander Serov. One of them told me about the real age of Serov. “In 1957 we went to the first class. It was 1951, so couldn’t he be less,” – said the woman.

Also in an exclusive report appeared Tamara, who allegedly was the first love in life Serov. They went to the same school. “When went home, he came to us, passed on through my sister’s notes. I was in the sixth grade, he was an eighth grader,” – said the elderly woman, showing the Yearbook.

Дочь Александра Серова, рожденная без кисти, могла выжить

Christine tiller works argues that in the case of obtaining 20 million, I will try to help means mom, grandma, friends. Studio guests consider it aggression to my father feigned, as wanted to Hope.

Moreover, it was found that the first child born in marriage Serov with the lawful wife, died, and survived. A woman who is a witness, came to the Studio.

“He had not seen a dead child, he just walked up and was abandoned in the hospital. And when he was discharged, he was ready for adoption,” said Elena.

According to the woman, her friend took birth from the wife of the artist. It friend told Elena about the incident. “He saw that girl without a brush. He turned around and wrote a refusal. There is doctor-patient confidentiality, they could not bear it all,” said the woman.

Wife Serova Elena just told that the girl died. She admitted: the grave of a child she never saw. Now the editors of the transmission looking for adopted girl like Alexandra.

Recall, Serov also does not communicate with the relatives on my father’s side. Broadcast was shown the grave of the father of the artist. Valery, his relative, told that Alexander refuses to even call them. “If I wanted to, would have found the time,” said the man.