Денис Мацуев «отхлестал» Бориса Корчевникова A famous pianist gave an interview to the TV presenter. The conversation went about the small home of Denis Matsuev. It is known that a musician who was born in Irkutsk, does not forget his roots. Thanks to the artist Boris korchevnikov learned how Siberians soared in the bath.

Pianist Denis Matsuev became the hero of the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man”. A fragment of the issue, which will soon show in the broadcast channel “Russia 1”, TV presenter has published on his page in Instagram. About exactly when the audience will see an interview with the famous musician, korchevnikov did not specify.

In the short video, collected tens of thousands of likes, Matsuev tells the host about the Siberian customs. Apparently, at some point, the artist took up brooms, wanting to tell you how worried his homeland. Boris korchevnikov willingly supported the initiative of the musician. A leading lay down on the sofa, so the pianist could demonstrate your skills clearly.

“Siberian Denis Matsuev. Everything you wanted to know about bath on lake Baikal”, – said korchevnikov in social networks.

Social media users praised Matsuev because he does not forget his roots. According to many, the movie is so very funny. “Siberians are all such great entertainers,” “that’s very funny,” “Talent and humour”, “Already wanted in the bathhouse”, “All right, we’re floating”, “I love it, very funny”, “well Done”, “a ceremony”, is discussed on the Internet.

Note that this is not the first time in the Studio of “the Destiny of man” stars show off their skills. So, TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov showed Boris Korchevnikov like a sports tyre and weighing in at 80 kg. He was very impressed with the capabilities of colleagues.

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“It’s a simple thing, it [the bus] requires softness. It is not necessary to strain. With her it should be easy, it’s fun. You calmly communicate with her, ask her how things were going. In General, sport is not about the pant, – said Solovyov. – The main thing – not to strain. This is a very easy and pleasant exercise, do not need nothing more. We are the drivers of “KAMAZ”. It’s not heavy, but the lightest”.

At some point he even raised Korchevnikov on hand. “We are simple people,” – said Vladimir Rudol’fovich. Boris with humor reacted to the act colleagues. Coach Solovyov promised Korchevnikov to work with him to train the muscles. According to the expert, impressive results can be achieved already after a couple of months after the start of classes.