Дочка Александра Абдулова хочет стать режиссером
9-year-old Eugene already shoots videos for his blog on the Internet.

Eugene Abdulov with mum Julia

Photo: Elena Sukhova

The daughter of actor Alexander Abdulov has decided to follow in the footsteps of
his father, to become an actress and a Director. One of her first acting work became the shooting in the clip young
singer Nastya the Godunov with a close friend of the family — an actress and model Irina Dmitrakova. A few years
ago, Zhenya was accepted into the theater. She took the stage of the legendary Lenkom”, where for many years he served her father. Eugene
also started to play in a big movie: the girl played a major role in the new film famous comedians Alla
Surikova. The shooting of the film called “Love and sax” was held in Moscow.

“Mom says we have on my father’s line all the Directors and
actors, and your mother – heroes of the Soviet Union. I decided to go on dad’s
footsteps: she has removed a cartoon with a special program
phone. And then upload everything to the Internet. I have there is on your channel
YouTube”, — said Eugene Abdulov.

By the way, after the birth of her daughter Abdulov admitted that he is not
would like to see his daughter an actress. But the genes proved to be stronger and every year Jack all the more proves that dynasty Abdulovich is a continuation.

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