У 69-летнего Ронни Вуда родились близнецы
Wife did the musician “rolling stones” is a wonderful gift for a birthday.

Ronnie wood and Sally Humphreys wood

Photo: Splash News/East news

Wife of Ronnie wood, which today celebrates its
69th anniversary, were able to give him an amazing gift — just in time for his holiday.
The musician’s wife, Sally Humphreys wood, have managed in just a few days before his day
birth to give birth to her husband’s twins! So, Ronnie was again “young
dad”. Newborn heirs of the musician, number five and number six.

Sally gave birth to two girls. Their called Gracie
Jane and Alice rose. Babies were born at term and perfectly healthy. Gracie weighed
at birth was 2.7 kg, while Alice is slightly lower at 2.6 kg, which for twins is considered
quite a decent performance.

On his page in the social network Sally thanked
all those who supported it. “I can’t believe my baby is already one day!
I’m so happy! And they’re so wonderful!” — wrote wife of the musician.

As for
most wood, he was looking forward to the birth of replenishment
team their children. “I’m so excited… In the next few weeks should
born my girls!” — Ronnie admitted in his Twitter account in mid-may.

Sally Wood
actress. It by as much as 30 years younger than her husband. Sally, the wedding at which he
played in 2012-m to year, was for Ronnie’s wife number three. From the first two first two
wives the wood is already quite grown children — two sons and two daughters, who themselves
have become parents. So the “new dad,” Ronnie already has 10 grandchildren!

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