Дочь Александра Абдулова хочет стать звездой «Ютуба» Girl takes off videos for more than a year. The child grows very artistic and makes the first steps in the world of cinema. Now Eugene in the film together with Ekaterina Klimova and Maxim Averin.

      Дочь Александра Абдулова хочет стать звездой «Ютуба»

      9-year-old Jack Abdulov decided to become a popular blogger. The girl almost daily basis publishes new videos on his page on YouTube which talks about his life or puts scenes featuring favourite toys.

      Jack just took for over hundreds of videos. The number of views of young talent while the tens, and the quality of the photography and editing still inferior to top-end video, but who knows what can happen to a girl in the future. She went to his famous dad — the child grows is very artistic and is already taking first steps as an actress.

      At the moment, Jack acted in the Comedy “Love and sax” people’s artist Alla Surikova, the author of the TV magazine “jumble”. She will perform in her one of the main roles — the daughter of the main characters. They will play Maxim Averin and Ekaterina Klimova. The film also will be possible to see Mikhail Yefremov, Alexander Peskova, Olga Kabo, Larisa Dolina and other famous people. The film, a talented but unsuccessful musician, married to a saxophonist, goes to prison, where he begins to look differently at life. It is known that the soundtrack to the film will feature the music of one of the most famous saxofonista world by Veronica Kozhuharova.

      Дочь Александра Абдулова хочет стать звездой «Ютуба»

      In early March came the first clip with Zhenya. She starred in the video of an aspiring young singer Nastya the Godunov, who received the audience award in the contest “Little miss Russia” in 2015. In 2012, Zhenya was accepted into the “Lenkom”, where then shone Alexander Abdulov.

      29 may 63 years birthday of people’s artist Alexander Abdulov, the legendary Soviet and Russian actor. After his death all the property of the stars went to Yulia Abdulovo. The widow of the artist was put up for sale his house in Valdai. For a long time on a estate located close to the protected lake, could not find a buyer. However, in 2014 it became known that housing Abdulov decided to buy his neighbor Roman yakusevich. It was reported that the house actor will be a Museum to his memory.

      By the way, the widow of Alexander Abdulov in late may gave the announcement of the sale of another property. This time Julia decided to sell their apartment near the metro station “Profsoyuznaya”. “Sell my cozy and wonderful two-room apartment in the brick house. As it is with furniture and great energy. Inexpensive. Free from everything that could prevent you to live there happily ever after!.. Or can take, but for expensive,” the woman wrote on the social network Facebook.

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