Daughter of Alexander Abdulov age is getting a copy

Дочь Александра Абдулова с возрастом становится его копией
10-year-old Jack wants to be a Director.

Photo: Facebook

Only my own daughter of the popular actor Alexander Abdulov Eugene, who was born 9 months before his death, is increasingly beginning to resemble the father. Previously, she was more like her mother, the last love Abdulov, Julia. But when you look at the current photos it is clear that Eugene is a daddy’s girl.

By the way, the girl is not the star. She certainly knows who was her father, but not flaunts it at every corner tells that it is not just the namesake of a famous actor. She attends a normal school, and before that attended a simple kindergarten.

Family friends tell us that it grows very artistic child. She always comes up with some stories. In the spirit of the time, the girl even for some time was a run — filmed scenes for their own YouTube channel.

Last year, Jack starred in his first film, “Love and sax” directed by Alla Surikova.

“I searched so long for a young actress. Couldn’t find nine-year-old girl who hadn’t lost their naivety, spontaneity and sincerity, says 7days.ru Surikova. — Saw a picture of Zhenia in magazine, contacted her mother. On the trial I realized: this is it. Talent Zhenya is clearly from dad, and the character is. Not exclude the possibility that she will become a Director”.