Дочь Маши Распутиной борется за жилье в Москве A father wrote the girl from the apartment, which was bought with the money of the singer. Daughter Masha Rasputina wrote a statement to the police, trying to restore a residence in a four bedroom apartment.

      Дочь Маши Распутиной борется за жилье в Москве

      In mid-June in the life of Masha Rasputina was an important event. The singer reconciled with her eldest daughter Lydia. Heir to the stars suffers from a disorder of the nervous system, so she had to undergo treatment in a psychiatric hospital. This contributed to her own father Vladimir Ermakov.

      According to Lydia, the man has long abused her, and in the hospital, according to his instructions, the girl was prescribed psychotropic substances. While she was in treatment, father wrote her out of the apartment in which they lived together.

      Now Masha Rasputina and her husband Viktor Zakharov trying to help Lydia to restore justice. Recently she wrote a statement to the police, trying to regain residence in the apartment of the father on the outskirts of Moscow.

      “When Lida was lying in the hospital, he was discharged, says Ermakov Victor evstafievich. – We will try to restore it. Actually the apartment in which he lives, bought of Mary. It worked like a Negro to provide for his family. After a divorce left him an apartment with the condition that Lida will be spelled out there. And he discharged her”.

      At the moment the daughter Rasputina comes after that terrible period, which she had to endure. Soon the girl needs to fully socialize and get to work. The family decided that Lydia will be useful and interesting to work in a team star mother. The daughter helps the singer prepare for performances – after a decade pause Masha Rasputina returns to the stage.

      Maria Rasputin is not going to return the daughter of the ex-spouse

      “Mary really decided to sing again! In recent years, she rarely spoke, but now everything has changed. The concerts will begin in September. It is planned that Mary would be three or four performances in a month. She recently realized that I missed the public through live performances. Wife will return to the stage with a new repertoire already recorded four new songs. I’m sure they will become hits. Lida will help her!” – says Zakharov in an interview with “Pro Zvezd”.

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